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Intellectual Property Translation: What You Need To Know

Intellectual property is a term that is used legally to refer to the minds’ creations. Artistic works largely fall in this category, for example music, works of literature, inventions and discoveries, phrases, symbols, name it. The owners of these intangible properties are granted different rights which include patents, copyrights, and trademarks. This enables them to enjoy the financial fruit of their mind.

Copyrights covers creative work such as books, music and computer programs. A patent is narrowed to an invention. This gives the owner the right to decide whether or not; their invention can be used by others and if so, how?

Intellectual Property Translation


Human Website translation

What is human website translation?

Human website translation is a booming business, especially in today’s world where a lot of companies are going global and need their websites to be available in different languages. Human translation is just one of the many ways to make your business better. If you’re thinking I don’t need a human translator, I’ve got Google translate. Then you’re kind of wrong. Is Google good enough to use for business? Google translate is good for a word or two or a phrase but it isn’t advisable to depend on it to translate your website. You want your website to be professional and Google translate still has plenty of mistakes, when translating texts. 

Human translation is undoubtedly the best form of translation there is. No offense to machine translations, they are pretty impressive, but they can’t do everything people can. At least not yet. Machine translators can only translate texts from one language to another. They aren’t able to do the things a human translator can do.


Document Translation Agency

When is expert translation indispensable?

Converting texts from one language to another has always been necessary for many affairs, but in the last years it has become more and more requested. All areas of human activity are more internationalized with the development of IT and the global businesses, so it is more common than ever to be in contact with people from other cultures and countries. Deals are sealed every day between West and East, South and North; beyond national boundaries and overseas. 

In some cases, the exact accuracy in communication isn't indispensable. Of course, it is always ideal to have a translation as good as possible, but there are situations where just getting the main idea of a text is enough. Casual chatting and first exploration of bibliography are some examples of this. However, in other cases, being 100% faithful to the source material can be really important, even a matter of life and death, literally speaking. Read More...

Chinese Translation Service

Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in China but our translation services also covers the entire Chinese language family. In so doing, we cater for the translation needs of about a fifth of the population around the globe. With this many people speaking one language, expanding your business into these areas will be a great decision in terms of growth and reaching a large part of your target market.


French Translation Service

Our team at Language Made Simple always strives to provide the best quality in translation services for our clients. No matter what your translation requirements are, we have French translators that have the knowledge and expertise to assist you.  Business owners who are looking to expand their companies internationally should consider using the translation services of our team.


German Translation Service

German is one of the most spoken languages around the world. Over ninety million people speak it and many companies require that employees are well versed in the language as a second language as well. It is for this reason that German is one of the most common languages to translate and services cover many sectors, from technology to sport.

We have over five thousand certified translators that help make us the market leaders in the world today. The technology we employ for our translation services mean that we can offer lower rates than our competitors and also that our clients experience a higher level of security. Language Made Simple has access to expert linguists that make it possible for us to offer our services in  many different fields like websites, marketing, legal or technical.

German Translation Could Ultimately Grow Your Business

The translation of any language is quite an intricate process. With German especially, there are complexities that only expert linguists can understand. Language is not simply words but is based on culture as well as social background and history.

Using this information, our team of linguists is able to provide you with the highest quality translation where your message is never misconstrued. What you want to say will always be brought across in just the way you want to say it. Thanks to the over 350 native speaking German translators we have on board, you won’t have to worry about translation mishaps every again.

A case study proves the importance of understanding the various types of translation. Michael had an IT company that he wanted to expand by partnering with a German company. He was able to speak conversational German but could not write the language formally. Our team assisted in localizing all his documents that essentially helped to develop his business.

If you are unsure about what kind of translation services you require, we can help you come to a decision that will be the most beneficial for your business. Language basically occurs on two levels – conversational and formal. Conversational German would be perfect for marketing campaigns where you are targeting specific groups based on culture and social background. These prove more powerful when it seems as if you are speaking directly to your target market.

However, this kind of translation will not suffice if you require documents or contracts for instance. These cases require formal language translation because of the legal terms and technical terms that are used. We can help you decide on where and what to do regarding the types of translation.

Our Commitment To Superior Client Service

Our foremost aim is always to have satisfied clients at the end of the day. This helps us build and maintain a loyal client base. The services we provide are always solely focused on client needs and how best to meet them. As a result, we have many industry accreditations and certifications for our superior client services that are unparalleled in the industry.


Italian Translation Service

Our team of experts offers professional Italian translation that guarantees success on every level. The services we offer are unparalleled in terms of quality and efficiency. As the native tongue for over sixty million people around the world, you will be able to successfully expand your business in this area by making use of our translation services at affordable rates.

Language Made Simple makes use of a network of over five thousand expert linguists that sets us apart as the market leader in the industry. We have over three hundred and fifty native speaking Italian translators that will help you make a success of your expansion.

The technology we use allows us to offer lower prices than our competitors but without sacrificing quality of our work. This technology is based on a Scientific Programs which also works to enhance the security of our clients which is a value added benefit that is generally hard to come by in the industry.

Our linguists have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with assistance in whatever field you may require it, be it marketing, websites, documentation, legal and technical. We pride ourselves on being flexible to our clients’ needs at all times and prioritizing the outcome of the project above all else. With ICT, your success really is our success and we strive to maintain and improve that throughout our working relationship with you.

Successful Communication With Italian Translation Services

Italian translation is filled with intricacies and complexities. Language is not simply a collection of words. Our team of expert linguists understand that language is based on and circles around social background and culture as well. This is what gives the words their power and this is what helps you decide how to use that language to best meet the ends you require.

You can ensure that when entrusting us with your translation requirements, your message will never be misconstrued due to inefficient direct word by word translation. This is simply not enough to ensure success. We work to make sure that the message you want to get across is the one that people see no matter what.

Knowing when to use conversational language and when to adopt a higher, more formal tone is one of the aspects of our job. We will be able to advise you when and how to use translation so that your projects are always a success.

Our Client Service Remains World Class

Any business owner will tell you that client service is the core aspect of any company. After all, your clients are the ones that will essentially determine your success or failure. That is why we strive to always provide a superior client experience at all times.

We are available and accountable at every stage in the translation process and work hard to establish a sound relationship with our clients. This helps us quickly determine the needs of the client and how best to meet them.


Russian Translation Service

Russian is a language that presents many challenges because of its cultural and geographical diversity. The Russian projects we have completed over the past decade has increased steadily with time. The growing demand for this language proves the trend that businesses around the world are realizing the potential of expansion to Russian speaking areas.

We have a network of over five thousand certified translators that have helped us become the market leader in the industry. With over three hundred native speaking Russian translators, our expert linguists are more than capable of providing you with the highest quality translation services.

The technology we use for our services allow us to offer lower rates for our clients with increased security as well. The linguists on our team have the expertise to provide quality translation services in all fields from general use and websites to marketing, legal and technical as well.

Expand Your Business Successfully With Russian Translation

Russian localization is quite intricate and complex to succeed at. It is for this reason that we employ only the best linguists for these tasks. It is not enough to simply translate word by word because meaning is often lost in these cases. Our team of experts focuses on things like culture and social background that tends to shape language. This allows them to get your message across in the exact way that you intended with Language Intelligence.

An example of this would be a recent client from a UK based business who signed a long term contract in Russia. We have taken responsibility of localizing their website and overseeing things like email correspondence templates as well. This is all to ensure that meaning is not misconstrued in any way.

There are many different types of translation that many business owners are often not aware of. We however understand the intricacies involved and know when to use conversational language and when to opt for more formal use. For instance, formal translation is required for things like documents and contracts while marketing campaigns can be more successful if language is targeted and conversational.

We Pride Ourselves on Superior Client Service

Language ICT has enjoyed many accreditations and certifications from the industry at large regarding our dedication to client service and the ongoing development of our loyal client base. Client service is our number one priority at all times. Our team tirelessly strives to build the best relationships with our clients to further aid the success of our projects.

Whether we are required to localize a website, assist with email and post correspondence or implement formal translation services for contractual requirements, our team is always available and accountable at all times to attend to any queries in an outright and professional manner.

The recognition we have received through accreditations and certifications proves just how much we value client service. It is the core of our business and drives performance all round. Read More...

Bangkok Translation Agency

Expanding your business internationally has never been easier! Languages ICT provides translation services that are unrivalled around the globe and delivers fast and accurate translation at low costs. We offer technical translation services from our team of experts that cover every field in business, medical, financial, legal and commercial.

Technical translation differs from regular translation in the sense that the type of language required needs to be much more formal. Our translators are not only professionals in their field of interest but they have the knowledge and expertise to get your message across in just the way you want it. Technical terminology is accurate and translation is of the highest quality no matter which sector you require assistance in.

We have professional engineers, lawyers, financiers, doctors and the like who are all native speakers as well. Translation to the native tongue is the best kind because those translators understand the intricacies and complexities of the language as it is influenced by culture and social background as well. Our global network is made up of thousands of native speaking expert linguists who are professionals in various business sectors.

Not only do they have in depth experience in the translation industry but they bring with them the years of experience they have in international business as well. This quality allows us to present the best in the field in terms of caliber of our translators.

Project Management

The software we use in our translation services allows us to offer them at lower rates than our competitors, making top quality service available at low cost. It also serves to enhance the security of our clients and their projects.

Languages ICT adopts a 24 hour accessibility and availability work ethic with regard to project management. There will always be a qualified expert translator available to resolve any queries you may have regarding your project at any time. Each translating team is also headed up by a project manager to further ensure a smooth process for all involved.

Our commitment to our clients and adherence to high quality client service has resulted in recognition from the industry in terms of awards and accreditations. Our clients form the core of our business and our success is due to keeping that at the forefront of our objectives at all times. Your success equals our success and our global network works tirelessly to achieve this in every respect.

Benefits To Using Our Services

•    Quality: With thousands of expert native speaking linguists, we are able to deliver high quality results on every project.
•    Fast turnaround time: We dedicate teams of translators to one project and excel in optimal project management. These aspects together make it easy to complete work in record time and keep to tight deadlines without sacrificing quality.
•    Accuracy: By exclusively employing native speaking translators, we guarantee a high level of accuracy with all our work based on the 3 metrics.
•    Competitive pricing: The technology we use allows us to offer our services at lower rates than our competitors around the world.



Beijing Translation Agency

When people think of managing translation, they often become intimidated and put off by the complexities involved. At Languages ICT, we make translation simple, fun and affordable. Our services are available 24 hours a day so there will always be an expert linguist on hand to resolve any questions or queries you may have. This level of dedication and commitment to project management is hard to come by anywhere else.

Project management is the key to success when it comes to translation. Our team of experts understand that they need to always keep abreast of what is going in if they want to deliver top quality work to our clients. Our dedication in this area has not gone unnoticed by the industry and we proudly boast awards and certifications like the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification.

With us you can rest assured that you will have the best experience with regard to your translation needs. Our agency is growing in leaps and bounds, with over forty million words being translated every year! We service 600 language combinations for our clients in more than fifty different countries. Some of our more high profile clients include Bloomberg, American Express, Orange, T-Mobile and MTV.


The proprietary software we employ in our translation services make it possible for us to provide these services at lower rates than our competitors. It also results in much faster turnaround times as well as more consistent terminology usage.

This works by combining our cutting edge translation technologies with your text management workflow. The software we use makes it easy for this integration to occur. It also makes project management that much simpler and enhances the security of our clients’ work across the board.


We treat each of our projects differently because each has different requirements and objectives. With this understanding in mind, we use four different service levels to achieve the best results we possibly can. Combine that with our team of expert linguists that is sourced from all over the globe and you are looking at superior quality translation services.

The translators with Languages ICT are specifically selected because of their specialist knowledge in various business sectors. For instance, we have technical translators who are professionals in their specified knowledge area e.g. engineers, doctors and lawyers. They are able to offer in depth knowledge and expertise when it comes to technical translation for engineering, medical and legal purposes.

The translators we use are exclusively native speakers. We will not task a translator to translate into his or her foreign language. This is because language is not simply a set of words strung together, it is greatly influenced by things like culture and social background. These nuances are best understood by native speakers.


Financial Translation

Financial translation differs greatly from regular conversational translation because a much more technical type of language use is employed. The level of tone and grammar is considerably higher and translators must have in depth technical knowledge of the field in order to translate documents effectively.

We hold our translators to very high standards before accepting them into our expansive network. Our database of expert linguists exceeds five thousand native speakers of almost every language and semblance thereof around the world. By using specialist linguists who are native speakers we immediately guarantee the success of any financial translation project.

It is for this reason that we are the leading name in the industry. Our clients include large banks and financial service companies around the world that all make use of our financial translation services. The nature of the financial industry is usually quite sensitive and we prioritize our clients’ security in every respect.

The technology we implement to execute our financial translation services also serves to enhance the security of the projects we are handling. At the same time, it works to lower costs for our clients that create stern competition for our competitors elsewhere.

It is in this knowledge that we operate confidently and effectively by bringing superior quality financial translation services to our clients around the globe. Some of our projects include annual reports, financial documents and contracts and we boast one of the fastest turnaround periods in the industry.

Not only will you have peace of mind when entrusting your sensitive information to us but we will make sure that the work is completed to your satisfaction and in a timeous manner as well. At TranslateMedia we firmly believe that the success of our clients directly influences our success and that is why we tirelessly strive to meet and even rise above the expectation of our clients.

Customer Service At The Forefront Of Our Plan

Through everything we work hard for, customer service forms the core of our business. Any business owner will know the importance of customer service and how clients form the basis of any success. We lead a team of expert linguists who share our passion and work hard to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Our translation services come with constant advising, assisting and guiding so that the process can be as painless as possible. Our clients will be able to take their energy and use it where it is needed most instead of having to worry and fret about their translation requirements. We handle everything and are always accountable and available should you have any queries.

The level of dedication and passion on our part has led to many instances where the industry has gleaned us with recognition for our superior customer service policies. We have won awards and received certifications that all work to set us apart from our competitors around the globe.

Hong Kong Translation Agency

Languages ICT makes this Hong Kong translation agency a market leader in the industry. We provide technical translation services that are not only accurate but speedily delivered as well. Known for our high quality service in fast turnaround times, we achieve this by employing professionals in various sectors who translate exclusively into their native language.


This results in a wealth of experience and technical knowledge in the field you require work for, like engineering, science, medicine – this work will be completed by an engineer, scientist or doctor. The benefit of using only native speakers is that the translation you receive is of a high quality and reads well. It will be accurate in the sense that it will be the actual language used in the country of origin, influenced by social background and culture.

Not only are we quick, we also provide technical translation into any language – not just Chinese translation or English translation. In fact, we cover the countries in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Far East. You won’t have to be intimidated by the intricacies of translation again. Let our team of expert linguists assist you on your path to success by giving you the best in technical translation services.


We have over twenty years of experience in the translation industry. For many of our translators, they have as many years of experience in international business and technology and many have been thought advanced traning . This depth of experience lends to a quality of work that is accurate, delivered promptly and glowing with success.

Technical translation is a service that differs greatly from regular translation because the same kind of conversational language simply won’t suffice. This is where our team of professionals with experience in various business sectors makes the difference. Having native speaking professionals work as translators is the secret to success.

They have the expertise and knowledge to provide technical translation services that are unrivalled around the globe. We specialise in translation in Hong Kong for technical translation services and legal and commercial translation services as well. Previous projects have included things like technical manuals, user guides, technical drawings, commercial documents, legal contracts and other official documents. Read More...

SEO Translation: The Winning Strategy for Multilingual Sites

Multi-lingual websites often find it challenging to translate their sites yet keep it well optimized. In most cases, a simple direct translation does not always cut it for search engines and it almost always leads to a loss in rankings. However, there is hope. In order to retain the high number of visitors and keep your commercial site sufficiently profitable, you need the services of SEO translation.

So What Is SEO Translation?

In simple terms, this refers to a process of ensuring that your site is on top of search engines in all languages. If you already have a well ranking site, it is proper to assume that you have done due optimization in your native language of operation and that is why the search engines find your site favorable.


Digital Marketing Translation

What is the Need of Digital Marketing Translation?

Internet has allowed businesses to overcome all sorts of physical boundaries. Businesses can now be physically present in one country and yet market and sell their services and products in a different country. There is no reason to be limited by the physical boundaries in this day and age with the internet proving an essential resource in allowing businesses to expand without the need to establish offices in different regions of the world.

However, to find success online, it is imperative that you market your business and your services in a manner that your message is reached to the masses correctly. Most businesses spend a lot of time on crafting their digital marketing campaign with the main purpose behind the effort to propel their business into regions where they are not physically based. While spending time on crafting a solid campaign is important, businesses sometimes forget that not everybody can understand English properly. This becomes a big hurdle when the regions where the businesses want to grow don’t particularly have a huge population that knows and understands English. 


Legal Translation Agency

Legal translation: the search for justice for all

It is the official purpose of legal systems to ensure the effective and efficient administration of justice for all people under their ruling. In order to meet this end, these systems need to provide the people with opportunities and resources that are mandatory for the correct administration of justice. One of the basics of fairness is that every person who is covered by justice services must have access to the system and not be left aside of procedures or legal attention. For this reason, barriers that prevent citizens from actively and conciously engaging in proceedings must be taken down. 

Language is one of those barriers. In some countries, this has a greater importance than in others. Nations with a high percentage of immigrants among their population usually suffer from access problems when taking their citizens and/or prosecuted individuals to the court. In order for a trial to proceed, all people involved must be able to understand each other, especially if there is a sentence hanging and justice is waiting to be served. Read More...

Technical (ICT) Translation Agency

Languages - A Blessing 

There are more than 6500 languages which are spoken across the globe. Some of these are limited by geographical areas while others are spoken worldwide such as the English language! The ability to communicate is a blessing for the human race as languages are the means that we use to communicate our feelings, thoughts and emotions.

When learning a new language, there are three skills that you must develop – Reading, Writing and Speaking. Engaging in reading is very important as it is one of the most effective manner in learning a new language. Reading brings you into contact with a variety of new words which helps you to develop your vocabulary. Reading also helps you to develop your writing and speaking skills as you will learn how words are written and pronounced and how sentences are formulated. Read More...

Translation Company

Professional translation

Translation has been needed for cultural and economical exchange for as long as language itself existed. The more interconnected a world becomes, the more it requires proficient translators to allow the transmission of information. From diplomatic affairs to international trade, from paperwork to contacts abroad, the language barrier needs to be surpassed so people from different places can share and build things together.

What is translation used for?

Legal affairs Business

Legal translation is a very delicate matter because of all technicalities involved. Words in court and paperwork are carefully chosen, because one small difference in a term may have a big impact, rendering contracts invalid, causing people to go to jail, and allowing - or not - someone else to establish in another country.

When documents or testimonies are translated, the execution must be perfect. People involved in a trial need to know exactly what is going on in order to defend themselves or understand the process, as well as make the right decisions. Read More...

Translation Service Agency

Why hiring a pro?

Translation is arguably one of the most underrated professional activities there are in the market. There is a very common misconception about the translation process, that has costed many professional translators potential customers, and severely harmed the results of translation requests. This misconception states that the process of translatin is merely replacing words with their corresponding match in a target language, so any person with enough knowledge in both source and target languages should be aple to produce a perfect translation for a text. From this asumption comes the conclusion that it is pointless to hire a fancy professional translator or translation agency when a person who simply speaks both languages well enough could do the same job just as fine and charge much less.

They say you get what you pay, and in this case, that sentence is 100% true. In fact, professional translators are very different from mere speakers of both languages, even if those speakers are native bilingual. This is because translation itself isn't just replacing words: there is so much more to it, and that's what makes a professional be such. Read More...

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