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Translation has been needed for cultural and economical exchange for as long as language itself existed. The more interconnected a world becomes, the more it requires proficient translators to allow the transmission of information. From diplomatic affairs to international trade, from paperwork to contacts abroad, the language barrier needs to be surpassed so people from different places can share and build things together.

What is translation used for?

Legal affairs Business

Legal translation is a very delicate matter because of all technicalities involved. Words in court and paperwork are carefully chosen, because one small difference in a term may have a big impact, rendering contracts invalid, causing people to go to jail, and allowing - or not - someone else to establish in another country.

When documents or testimonies are translated, the execution must be perfect. People involved in a trial need to know exactly what is going on in order to defend themselves or understand the process, as well as make the right decisions.

A whole case could be destroyed by a simple objection on the quality of translation. It is fundamental for justice, by principle, to be accessible by everyone, no matter what language they can speak.

In today's business world, international exchange has been made much easier thanks to transportation, logistics and, more recently, the booming of cross-borders online purchases. Buying online is now, for many consumers, just as easy - or even easier - than getting to a physical shop. Translation is indispensable for reaching customers in other countries, who speak differnt languages. You need to properly convey what your product is about and why they should buy it.


Also, production chains are very internationalized, and one product can have parts or raw materials from different contients put together. Being able to communicate with providers and partners from other languages is very important to keep your business growing and to take new opportunities for expansion.

Politics Education
International diplomacy is fundamental to keep peace and prosperity of all nations involved, and it wouldn't be possible if there is no translation available for representatives of different cultures. This scenario also requires professional translation, because delicate issues could be discussed, and nothing should interfere in the communication. One misunderstanding may have terrible consequences for the parts involved. Diplomats and rulers often have to juggle with important matters and be very careful with what they say and how, and imperfect translation could do a big harm to international relationships. Education is all about sharing information, so a proper channel of communication must be established. Language barriers prevent many people from accessing the latest discoveries in science, current news and ongoing trends. Researches and teachers who are widely recognized in their area should be able to share their knowledge with whomever is willing to listen, so they will require proper translation in order to access a bigger audience. The same thing happens with books and papers. Unskilled translation may change the meaning of the text and alter its contents. Translation on educational texts should only be performed by a translator who is also an expert in the matter.


Translation companies

The existence of a service is justified by a need it can satisfy. As you can see, translation is a very required service needed for many different ends. Be it translation for businesses, legal affairs or whatever else, professional and certified translation is sometimes indispensable. It is no wonder that translation companies grow fast in a world that becomes more and more interconnected, with constant flow of immigrants and cultural exchange, as well as international businesses with an increasingly dynamic behaviour.

Some people might not see the point in hiring a translation company when some regular translator, or even an uncertified person who happens to speak both languages, offer to do the same job for less money. The point is, the difference between a trustworthy translation company and a mere random translator is the level of expertise and professionalism in their field. You have already seen how delicate translation can be and how important it is that this work is performed properly, with great detail and a professional approach.

Even firms that aren't translation companies are offering translation services, as a response to the increasing demand of this service. Google is the typical example, but there are many more - Xerox offers Easy Translate service incorporated to some of its printers now. It is becoming increasingly easy to find translation in the European Union, mostly to and from English, which is the most required language by now. However, this doesn't mean all translators are professional and have enough expertise. Relying on a reputated translation company is the best thing that you can do to make sure the job is done right.

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