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Languages - A Blessing 

There are more than 6500 languages which are spoken across the globe. Some of these are limited by geographical areas while others are spoken worldwide such as the English language! The ability to communicate is a blessing for the human race as languages are the means that we use to communicate our feelings, thoughts and emotions.

When learning a new language, there are three skills that you must develop – Reading, Writing and Speaking. Engaging in reading is very important as it is one of the most effective manner in learning a new language. Reading brings you into contact with a variety of new words which helps you to develop your vocabulary. Reading also helps you to develop your writing and speaking skills as you will learn how words are written and pronounced and how sentences are formulated.

However, learning 6500 languages is not possible! Here is where translation plays a major role. By translating content from one language to other, it becomes useful and conveys the required message. Translation is the process of translating text from one language to the other with no changes in the meaning or the message being conveyed. Translation services play a major role in the world that we live in. For example, it has helped in the widespread of literature worldwide by making it available in multiple languages. Apart from that, translation has also helped people in accessing the internet in their language making the experience of surfing the web more personalized.

The Importance of Translations


The internet has emerged as a platform which connects the world today. In order to make it accessible to everyone, it needs to be available in multiple languages. This has been made possible with the help of translation.


English speaking population

Although English is considered as a global language, the statistics show that only 10% of the world population has English as their first language. This makes translation not just important but essential.



A business cannot operate without good communication. Good communication happens when it is personalized and communicating in own language is the best example of good business communication. This is why MNC’s usually advertise in other countries in their regional languages.


They say reading adds to your knowledge and literature is an integral part of reading. Hence making good literature available in multiple languages makes it accessible by more and more readers.

What is Technical Translation?

Translation is of many types and one such type is technical translation. Technical translation the translation of content which is related to technology. Such translation needs specialization even in the tech field to be carried out properly.

Some good examples to technical translation include – User Manuals, Tech Guides, Scientific texts etc. The translator here needs to be skilled not merely in the language but also needs to be technically sound with the content.

Often industries related to technology like gadget manufacturers require this service to make their product’s manuals and other things available in regional languages where their products are being sold.

Benefits of Translation



Translated text makes it understandable by non-speakers of the first language. This increases the reach of the content.



Translation has enabled better communication on the internet by making it easier for non-English speakers to surf in their own language.



Technical manuals, guides and tutorials require technical translation in order to make them understandable by the end user. So, technical translation makes it easier for such translations to be carried.

Travel and


The tourism industry requires translation in order to attract customers to new destinations. Apart from this communicating with the tourists and vice versa also needs the help of translation.

The Challenges of Technical Translations

What makes technical translation challenging is finding the right person or service provider for translating your technical documents. Here are a few challenges of technical translation:

Finding a

Service Provider

The very first challenge is to find a technically sound translator who has knowledge of the content he is going to work on.


Quality Translation

The quality of the translation matters as it needs to be easy to understand and follow and the meaning must remain intact. Keeping up with the quality of translation poses another challenge.


Technical translation is often more expensive as compared with general translation. Hence, businesses using this service regularly need to find an affordable service provider which is a challenge in itself.

Technical translation has surely helped in the widespread of technological equipment and businesses dealing with it by increases their range of customers worldwide.

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