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SEO Translation: The Winning Strategy for Multilingual Sites

Multi-lingual websites often find it challenging to translate their sites yet keep it well optimized. In most cases, a simple direct translation does not always cut it for search engines and it almost always leads to a loss in rankings. However, there is hope. In order to retain the high number of visitors and keep your commercial site sufficiently profitable, you need the services of SEO translation.

So What Is SEO Translation?

In simple terms, this refers to a process of ensuring that your site is on top of search engines in all languages. If you already have a well ranking site, it is proper to assume that you have done due optimization in your native language of operation and that is why the search engines find your site favorable.

It is a different ballgame when it comes to international languages. If your business operates in countries that use different languages from your native one, you will need to localize the site to better identify with your audience as well as rank high in local search engine results. Localized translations ensure that your target clients easily find you when they search for what you offer.

Website SEO translation is one of the sure ways of staying on top of SERPS in all countries you operate in. It is a great way to create and boost awareness of your brand and products to new audiences groups which helps increase your customer base.

Simple Tips to Effective SEO Translation

International SEO translation is a process that requires expert planning and implementation. Here is a simplified guide to a winning SEO translation strategy.

The Principal Keywords Are Your Starting Point

By now, you are already aware of the right keywords that your target market best identifies with. But will the keywords you use in one country be as effective in another?  Well, for starters, do not literally translate the keywords. You will need to do a keyword research on the country you wish to rank high in, get the most popular terms that best describe your business and use them. The Adwords keyword planner should be your pal at this time.

The Keyword Density Optimization

Keyword density refers to the number of times a certain keyword phrase appears in a specific piece of content. Now, once you have the right keywords, keep the density at least 2% but make sure you do not get it over 5%. Keep in mind that Google penalizes sites with high keyword densities as they are deemed spammy.

Start Optimizing

Once you get your informative on-page content well optimized with the right keyword density, it is time to get a bit technical.

      Title and Meta Tags
    These tags are the main factors that search engines pick up to rank your site. Therefore, it is important to match your tags to the content on the page and the URL. Keep the translation verbatim out if you want to rank high, and take care not to mismatch the tags to avoid penalties.
    Image Titles
    Did you know that naming images is as important as naming pages? Well, it is one of the important site ranking factors. Write the image names and descriptions in the target languages. This is one of the steps that most escapes people’s minds yet it is crucial.

Locally Optimized Content

Translation starts with the keywords then the content. Localizing content is a step above translation, and you shouldn’t feel limited to the language; consider the group you are targeting. Many countries have a common language, though the search engine rules in each country can differ greatly. This is because if your target market does not identify with your content, even if it is in a language they understand, they will not be motivated to visit your site. Therefore, content translation and localization is a lot more than language; it is about cultural interpretation and other practical application of your information to their circumstances.

Link Building and Social Media Marketing

SEO doesn’t stop with tags and optimized content; you need to localize the links as well. This is because the relevant sites in your target country are different from what you ordinarily use. You may already know that search engines are giving significant weight to social media. Therefore, remember to create content that resonates with your target audience and incorporate functional social media links on the site.

Outsource SEO Translation?

The truth is that SEO translation requires an experienced professional if the best possible results are to be achieved. Therefore, if you have no idea where to start, the best you can do is hire a reputable SEO translation company to handle the project.


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