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Russian Translation Service

Russian is a language that presents many challenges because of its cultural and geographical diversity. The Russian projects we have completed over the past decade has increased steadily with time. The growing demand for this language proves the trend that businesses around the world are realizing the potential of expansion to Russian speaking areas.

We have a network of over five thousand certified translators that have helped us become the market leader in the industry. With over three hundred native speaking Russian translators, our expert linguists are more than capable of providing you with the highest quality translation services.

The technology we use for our services allow us to offer lower rates for our clients with increased security as well. The linguists on our team have the expertise to provide quality translation services in all fields from general use and websites to marketing, legal and technical as well.

Expand Your Business Successfully With Russian Translation

Russian localization is quite intricate and complex to succeed at. It is for this reason that we employ only the best linguists for these tasks. It is not enough to simply translate word by word because meaning is often lost in these cases. Our team of experts focuses on things like culture and social background that tends to shape language. This allows them to get your message across in the exact way that you intended with Language Intelligence.

An example of this would be a recent client from a UK based business who signed a long term contract in Russia. We have taken responsibility of localizing their website and overseeing things like email correspondence templates as well. This is all to ensure that meaning is not misconstrued in any way.

There are many different types of translation that many business owners are often not aware of. We however understand the intricacies involved and know when to use conversational language and when to opt for more formal use. For instance, formal translation is required for things like documents and contracts while marketing campaigns can be more successful if language is targeted and conversational.

We Pride Ourselves on Superior Client Service

Language ICT has enjoyed many accreditations and certifications from the industry at large regarding our dedication to client service and the ongoing development of our loyal client base. Client service is our number one priority at all times. Our team tirelessly strives to build the best relationships with our clients to further aid the success of our projects.

Whether we are required to localize a website, assist with email and post correspondence or implement formal translation services for contractual requirements, our team is always available and accountable at all times to attend to any queries in an outright and professional manner.

The recognition we have received through accreditations and certifications proves just how much we value client service. It is the core of our business and drives performance all round.

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I always use this service for my translation needs. I have a lot of intellectual property that often needs to be translated and it gets done quickly, professionaly and accurately! I’m very impressed and always recommend! 
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I always struggled to find a good translation service provider for my intellectual property translation needs. A lot of my needs are very private and need to be dealt with in a professional manner, and this service gives me just that!
Mark Wright