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What is human website translation?

Human website translation is a booming business, especially in today’s world where a lot of companies are going global and need their websites to be available in different languages. Human translation is just one of the many ways to make your business better. If you’re thinking I don’t need a human translator, I’ve got Google translate. Then you’re kind of wrong. Is Google good enough to use for business? Google translate is good for a word or two or a phrase but it isn’t advisable to depend on it to translate your website. You want your website to be professional and Google translate still has plenty of mistakes, when translating texts. 

Human translation is undoubtedly the best form of translation there is. No offense to machine translations, they are pretty impressive, but they can’t do everything people can. At least not yet. Machine translators can only translate texts from one language to another. They aren’t able to do the things a human translator can do.


Think about:


Machines don’t really take these into account while translating it into another language. Unlike a mathematical equation, human language isn’t something that can be programmed into a machine. 

Popular Types of Website Translations 

Due to the effects of globalization, it is important to have your website available in as many different languages as possible. Here are a few popular languages in which you can have your website translated. 

Arabic Website Translation

Arabic countries offer plenty of business opportunities. If you’re planning to start a business in an Arabic country you want to make sure that you cater to the people’s needs. You also want to make sure that you show them that you made effort to give them a good service. Arabic people are very proud of their culture so you want to show that you understand that. Now we’re not saying go learn the language yourself. That would be great but it would also take you a lot of time. This is why we advise you to professionally translate your website into Arabic by an external translator. This way you can show the people you care, without having to go learn a completely new language.

Spanish Website Translation

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world. Having your website available in Spanish is a very wise business move. Think of all the Latin-American countries for example. In the United States of America there are a lot of Latinos as well.  If you’re doing business in that area you should definitely have this language available on your website, brochures and other materials you present to your customers. This makes the buying experience a whole lot easier for your customer which ultimately is a great advantage for you. 

Chinese Website Translation

Chinese is one of the most complicated languages. It has many rules and there are different versions of Chinese. It is important to know what type of Chinese your target market speaks, before getting your site translated into just any type of Chinese. With the Chinese as with the Arabic people, they love their culture. You have to show that you made an effort to adapt your company or product to them.

French Website Translation

Often called the most romantic language. French has a lot of tricky rules for its grammar. The articles in front of the nouns aren’t determined by a set of rules. Which means you cannot really learn those rules. They should just be memorized, which means if you don’t know the language or if you translate it by machine, there may be a lot of odd sounding mistakes. That’s why human translation is your best bet.

German Website Translation

German is not only spoken in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland and few provinces in other countries. Needless to say that translation to German is in very high demand.

Russian Website Translation

Russian people don’t really like to learn another language if it isn’t necessary. So if you’re planning to do business in Russia? It is recommended that you have your professionally translated to to Russian. 

Is Google translate no longer needed?

To conclude translation services make your business global.Sure we won’t quit using Google translate. It is still handy for quickly translating a word. But if you need to translate an important document such as a book, a manual, legal documents, a letter, a website, personal documents, product information, magazines, advertisements, human translation is your better choice. One thing you should make sure it to use a renowned translator to make sure you end up with quality translations.

Google translation devices are NOT good enough for serious business. As for any language your translating to, mind your language, especially when doing business in a foreign country. For example, jokes might be offensive in one language while they aren’t in your language.

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