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When is expert translation indispensable?

Converting texts from one language to another has always been necessary for many affairs, but in the last years it has become more and more requested. All areas of human activity are more internationalized with the development of IT and the global businesses, so it is more common than ever to be in contact with people from other cultures and countries. Deals are sealed every day between West and East, South and North; beyond national boundaries and overseas. 

In some cases, the exact accuracy in communication isn't indispensable. Of course, it is always ideal to have a translation as good as possible, but there are situations where just getting the main idea of a text is enough. Casual chatting and first exploration of bibliography are some examples of this. However, in other cases, being 100% faithful to the source material can be really important, even a matter of life and death, literally speaking.

Translation of documentation

The more internationalized human affairs become, the more usual it becomes to require professional services for document translations. Some sorts of documents are even made to be used abroad, probably in an environment with a different language, such as passports and visas. People from all countries must be able to understand your passport, and this isn't easy, especially when you travel to a destination where they even use a different alphabet. 

Remember that these are legal documents, so the translation must be accurate and certified by the local authorities. As passport documents must be translated for foreign nationals, many public offices provide their own official translators to aid citizens and immigrants with their paperwork. Certified translation is the only valid translation for these cases.

You must take on account that all texts that require complete accuracy in their choice of words, will also require it when they are translated. One example that is very easy to imagine is technical texts. Engineers are used to accuracy in all aspects of their work; a slight change in the measures of a piece in a mechanism could result in a complete malfunction or even dangerous hazards. All instructions and descriptions need to be finely tuned to describe the exact elements and the precise procedures. When technical or scientific texts are translated from one language to another, only an expert who is trained in the field of knowledge to which that text belongs is able to reflect with absolute fidelity the original content, without changing any vital information at all.

Translation for legal procedures

When engineery texts acquire legal weight, such as in the case of patents, the importance of accuracy in translation doubles, as it is vital for both the physical description of the technology for its use, as well as te validity of the patent as a legal document. For that matter, translations in court are a huge niche for expert translators, even if some legal systems have been reported to fail at this particular point.

The key point here is that the complete accuracy of translation translation of documents in Proceedings as well as interpretation in oral trials is - understandably - a requisite for the legal validity of any legal affair. For this reason, the legal system often provides court translators that are certified by the office, instead of bringing third party translators that might not be trained in the very specific vocabulary and stress of working in court. In some cases there is shortage of public translators for legal affairs, so in some places like Canada translation services may be privatized in an effort to provide a better service to the community as well as save costs for the government.

Why hire a document translation agency?

Of course, there are more cases when an expert translation of documents is necessary, but if we tried to cover all of them, this article would never end. These examples should be enough for you to get an idea of the importance of an expert translation for texts that have some sort of legal weight. 

It seems like common sense to think that these very important texts must be perfectly translated, but you'd be surprised to find out how many people recur to amateur or non-expert translation, or even want to translate by themselves. This is not only illegal in some cases, this could be dangerous as you could be making mistakes that will cost you dear. We suggest that, if you need a document translated, you go to a specialized agency of translators who will be trained - and, in some cases, even certified - to provide an accurate translation service for you. An expert translator will be more expensive than an average one, but believe us, it is an investment that will save you many expenses later.

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