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Language Translation for Intellectual Communication Technology 

At the centre of every business is an innovation, invention, product, or other intellectual property that needs to be protected. It goes without saying that when you take your business multinational, your business will need intellectual property translations to ensure that your business is protected.

What seems to be happening in today’s global market is that when someone requires their intellectual property to be translated, they are entrusting this to their lawyers, who in turn are passing the job onto unknown and non respected translation service providers. This means that unfortunately, with a lot of passing around, disconnected teams working on the same job, errors can occur. Not only do these errors mean more time and effort needs to be put in to correct them, but also it can mean that the patent could be compromised in its legitimacy. 

 Why are we different?

Our organisation has been a leading service provider in the intellectual property translation field for many years.  We ensure that your needs are met, by making sure that we work with the same lawyers and team members as you do. There are no third parties or other bodies that will be involved in the work. Therefor as a result, you are ensured centralisation and 100% correspondence.  

 Language teams

We have a variety of teams that specialise in different languages to ensure that you are offered quality and expertise in your needed area. Our main language of focus is from English and other languages, into Spanish for South American countries such as Argentina and Uruguay. All of our team is not only fluent and qualified to the highest levels in their own language, and translation, but they are experts in the legal field, meaning that you have fully qualified, experienced and knowledgeable people working on your brand.

 Our technology

We use advanced technology that has been developed and built upon over time, which stores terminology to aid us in our translation services. We also use a multitude of materials from our database to assist us.

 Quality assurance

Here at Language Translation for Intellectual Communication Technology we ensure that we adhere to all quality controls, through procedures and measures we ensure that we are up to and at the top of the leading standards in the intellectual property translation service field. 


So if you are in need of good quality, speedy, efficient and professional translation services then please do contact us now. We offer you free and friendly quotes on our services based on standard services, and also arrange meetings with you in your workplace or in a comfortable setting, to discuss your needs further and come up with a more suitable plan for your needs. All of our team are certified and verified, and you are more than welcome to request to see proof of this upon meeting us. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to get started!


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I always use this service for my translation needs. I have a lot of intellectual property that often needs to be translated and it gets done quickly, professionaly and accurately! I’m very impressed and always recommend! 
Sofia Mundet -

Happy Client

I always struggled to find a good translation service provider for my intellectual property translation needs. A lot of my needs are very private and need to be dealt with in a professional manner, and this service gives me just that!
Mark Wright